It is too early for us to post the winners of the 2012 Healthy Chef event but check back on Thursday, March 8th for all the details. In the meantime you can see who has taken home the victors from the last several years.

Chef Boban released the winning names to the media immediately following the event.

Winners of the BCPMA 2011 Healthy Chef Competition:

Congratulations goes to:
Best entrée – Hyatt Hotel
Healthy Plate Award – River Rock Casino
Best Dessert– Gold Fish
Best Showcase – Chinese Canadian Chef Association
Peoples choice award – Chinese Canadian Chefs Association

California Strawberry Contest Recipe Winners 2011 can be found on this page.

Best Entrée: Hyatt Regency Banquet Chef Daniel Chang and his team members Patrick Liang, Albert Manlulu, Bobby Shin and Wilson Lam created a world class entrée that impressed the judges enough to secure first place for Best Entrée at the 12th annual Healthy Chef Competition.

A Tandoori rubbed beef tenderloin was offered up with Aloo Tikki Spring Vegetables along with a Mint Chutney and Beet Coulis.

Best Dessert was presented to first time competitor Goldfish Pacific Kitchen. Chef de partie Christopher Chabot and his fellow chefs included Chuck Chirico, Kyle Demoor and Pastery Chef Anna Barker.


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