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Joy’s Bio
Joy Metcalfe isn’t really everywhere, it just seems that way. Openings, premieres, interviews, news conferences, celebrity sightings…it’s fast-paced, energetic, and effusive, like Joy herself.

“My main job in life? Get it first.” – Joy Metcalfe
Joy’s Journal – Tuesday, March 23

It was a completely different fundraising dinner in every aspect for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society. This was the 11th annual Healthy Chef Competition at the Hyatt last week. The purpose of the dinner was to anchor in people’s minds the fact that healthy foods and decious foods can be one and the same. By bringing together top talent from local hotels, restaurants and culinary institutes for a night of cuisine competition, the event also provides an annual venue for people to meet the dynamic teams in our local kitchens and take home some inspirations for their own creations.
There were more than 450 guests attending the do with ten chefs and their teams preparing the various meals while CTV’s Marke Driesschen as emcee introduced the principals.

When you arrived at the Hyatt ballroom, you were given an envelope bearing the name of your entree cooker and your dessert provider from such places as Kettle of Fish, The Hyatt, Carver’s Steakhouse, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and the Edgewater Casino. Special guests included the American Strawberry Association and several BC Lions including Geroy Simons and Jamie Taras.

As I said, it was a totally different dinner presentation but done in a top quality professional manner – and so much fun! Kudos to all the chefs, to former President of the BC Chefs’ Association Marcus Albrecht, BC Produce Marketing Association President Greg Holmes and PR Dawn Donahue.
Can’t wait til next year!…


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  1. Thanks to all our supporters, foodies, bloggers, and friends – you are so talented. We really appreciate your support

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