WATSONVILLE, CA (March 17, 2011) – The California Strawberry Commission is pleased to announce the winners of the 12th Annual BCPMA’s Healthy Chef Competition. The following chefs were presented with prizes for their outstanding strawberry recipes at a ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.

Best Dessert
2011 1st Place Chef, Amie Tymofichuk, The Art Institute
Recipe: Strawberry Mousse Tartlette

2011 Runner UpChef, Karyu Kawamura, The Art Institute
Recipe – Strawberry Honey Fruit Salad

Best Appetizer
2011 1st Place – Executive Chef, Sam Leung, Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
Recipe – Sauteed Strawberries and Chicken with Pine Nuts

2011 Runner UpChef Eddie Hok Kwong Li, Delizia Fusion Cuisine
Recipe – Strawberry Seafood Teaser

Recipes submitted by chefs were reviewed by a panel of judges who selected winners based on criteria including creativity, innovative use of strawberries, visual appeal and flavour.




The strawberry recipe competition, open to executive chefs, sous chefs, cooks and apprentices, turned out dozens of creative and mouth-watering dishes. After reviewing the recipes, the California Strawberry Commission selected winners based on criteria such as flavor, creativity, appearance, consumer appeal – and the way California strawberries are showcased in the dish. Following are the chefs, their associations and their winning recipes:

2010 1st Place Winner – Appetizer
Recipe Name – Prawn & California Strawberry, Potato Crisp Mille-Feuille
Chef – Boban Kovachevich Restaurant – Executive Hotels and Resorts

2010 Runner-up
Recipe Name – Halibut Ceviche
Chef – Kyle Mar Restaurant – International Culinary School of Art Institute

2010 1st Place Winner – Dessert
Recipe Name – Chocolate and Strawberries
Chef – Miranda Williams Restaurant – Restaurant Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre

2010 Runner-up
Recipe Name – Fire Roasted Strawberry Tower
Chef – Sharif Razak Restaurant – Executive Airport Plaza Hotel

“We’re pleased to participate in this event and would like to congratulate the winners of the contest,” said Chris Christian, vice president, marketing, CSC. “It’s great to see the excitement and creativity around strawberries, and we hope that these types of events help more people learn how to get more fruits and vegetables into their diets.”

All eligible entries will be reviewed by a panel of qualified judges who will consider recipes based on the
following criteria:

• Does the recipe use an appropriate amount of fresh fruits and vegetables and in particular California Strawberries so that the flavour is identified when tasted?
Creativity – Is the recipe innovative, creative and unique?
• Mechanics of the Recipe – Does it work? Does it taste good?
Appearance – Does the dish look appetizing? Are California strawberries being properly showcased and highlighted as the key recipe ingredient?
Consumer Appeal – Does the recipe stand out on a restaurant menu and appeal to consumers?
Ease of Preparation – Is the recipe easy to prepare?

All decisions by the judges are final, binding, and non-disputable.

The Grand Prize Winner- Dessert ($250 cash)
The Grand Prize Winner- Appetizer ($250 cash)


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