Winner: Best Dessert

Drum roll please….Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

The winning dessert was a Blueberry/Lemon & Basil Mousse Cake
Healthy Chef Competition Award for Best Dessert was accepted by Chef Julian Bond on behalf of his students from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts for a Blueberry & Lemon-Basil Mousse Cake with a blueberry puree, lemon-basil coulis and crushed hazelnuts.

Executive Chef Julian was involved in building the team of students who were very excited to be chosen as winners for Best Dessert. The team members include:

Mitchell Morse (Baking & Pastry Arts); Helen McIntosh (Baking & Pastry Arts)
Darren Gee (Culinary Arts); Marcus Karbalai (Culinary Arts)
Julie Nguyen (Culinary Arts); Bonnie Dueck (Culinary Arts)

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