Healthy Plate Award, first year awarded to Sheraton Wall Centre

Shachar Stern (Team Leader), Starri Chow, Kathrine Tuason, Silvia Yang, Eduardo Cristo, and David Illner came up with the winning entree for inaugural Healthy Plate Award.

The winning dish, a trio of stuffed vegetables, included:
Beet stuffed with Barley and Bulgur.
Zucchini stuffed with Red Quinoa, Amaranth and Couscous.
Onion stuffed with Muskox, Mediterranean Spices and Pine Nuts.
Served with a sauce made of yoghurt, tahini and Extra Virgin Olive Oil .
Finished with Black Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper coulis and Wild Rice Popcorn.

Shachar Stern wrote in an e-mail, “Our goal for the 5-10 BC Healthy Chef event was to create the best tasting food with the highest nutritional value. We believe that food should not only look and taste great but also be healthy. By creating this menu we would like to introduce you with simple ingredients and their health benefits”.

He added, “Each one of the ingredients was chosen not only for its flavour, but for the unique health benefits. I believe that we managed to deliver that. Thankfully the judges thought the same and awarded us the HEALTHY PLATE AWARD.”

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