Healthy Chef Competition

When you arrive at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 for the annual Healthy Chef Competition you will find two envelopes at your seat. Don’t open them until weathercaster Marke Driesschen gives you the go-ahead.

At that stage you’ll discover that your entrée may be different from the person sitting on either side of you. Add in jazz music, sport celebrities, chef and media judges, auctions and a room full of produce industry professionals and foodies and you are in for an evening of fun.

BC based culinary schools, hotels and restaurants have been pondering how to incorporate an insane amount of produce into their entrées while impressing the judges with their use of colour, taste, texture, temperature and creativity.

This year up to ten food establishments will be competing at Healthy Chef Competition. The judging, which takes place as guests mingle and check out the table presentations, will commence at 6:30 PM.

Every guest takes home a generous box of fruits and vegetables and plenty of recipe and nutritional ideas. Musical entertainment is provided by the Ross Barrett jazz quartet. See the side bar for information about tickets. A handful are still available.

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